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Choujin X

Choujin X
Manga by Ishida, Sui , not related to Tokyo Ghoul

Azuma Higashi is a rather popular boy

Although he may be somewhat small, he has strong fighting skills, and his grades are at the top of his class

This is the opposite of Tokio Kurohara, his friend who does not listen in class and is simply a bystander while Azuma fights

Nonetheless, these two childhood friends' bond is strong, no matter how different they may be

The two live in Yamato Prefecture, an incredibly ordinary district with some areas destroyed by Choujin

Choujin are humans with dangerous supernatural powers, often the cause of the surrounding destruction

Whilst on their way back home, Tokio and Azuma encounter a Choujin, who threatens to kill them

Having no chance of escape, Tokio and Azuma make a crucial decision: to become Choujin

With these new powers acquired, Tokio can no longer be the bystander he once was, now entrapped in a world where fighting is unavoidable

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